Adelaide Resource Recovery

Contaminated Soil Removal

Contaminated soils can be disposed of at ARR if accompanied by appropriate paperwork.

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Adelaide Resource Recovery

Building a Resourceful State

Adelaide Resource Recovery (ARR) is a South Australian company committed to the comprehensive recycling of construction & demolition materials into valuable resources. ARR operates a 120-hectare resource recovery facility at the Wingfield Waste & Recycling Centre.

Since January 2005, ARR has invested more than $10 million dollars in plant and equipment, creating dozens of jobs, at its resource recovery operation. ARR recycles bitumen, concrete and mixed construction & demolition waste as well as soils. After its comprehensive resource recovery process, ARR sells a range of Recycled Quarry Materials to building civil and engineering operations throughout SA.

ARR’s most popular product, Recycled Rubble, is in strong demand from construction companies ranging from builders who want to lay stable foundations for buildings, to major civil engineering projects that require well-compacted bases for new roads and bridges. As well as playing an important role in our State’s burgeoning recycling sector, in a very real sense, ARR is helping to build the future for South Australia.