Adelaide Resource Recovery

Contaminated Soil Removal

Contaminated soils can be disposed of at ARR if accompanied by appropriate paperwork.

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Investing in the Environmental Economy

Adelaide Resource Recovery (ARR) is actively investing in the environmental economy for South Australia.

ARR has spent millions of dollars and created dozens of jobs as part of its commitment to recycling Construction & Demolition waste into re-usable building materials. Not long ago, all this demolition waste went straight into rubbish dumps. Today, thanks to companies like ARR, this “waste” provides the raw materials for an economically efficient and environmentally friendly recycling sector.

Construction & Demolition Materials Accepted by ARR

ARR accepts a wide range of Construction & Demolition (C&D) materials including:

Construction & Demolition (C&D) Waste Containing any sized concrete, soil, bricks, bitumen, steel, processed timbers, plaster boards, plastic and general builders waste
Clean Concrete Concrete delivered free from soil or other waste materials (A small amount of adhered soil, adhered plastic membrane eg: Forticon, and any amount of reinforcing steel/mesh is acceptable)
Concrete Small Concrete less than 400mm in all dimensions
Concrete Large Larger Concrete slabs greater than 400mm
Mixed Concrete Soil containing any sized concrete, bricks, bitumen or grass. Typically delivered after a ‘block scrape’
Bricks Clay bricks
Bitumen Bitumen material of any size or thickness, predominately free from soil. (A small amount of adhered soil is acceptable)
Unclean Bitumen Bitumen with soil only
Wastefill Clean soil. If more than 100t of soil is disposed of from the same site, SA EPA requirements are for the soil to be tested to verify it meets the SA EPA Wastefill criteria
Contaminated Soils Contaminated soils can be disposed of at ARR if accompanied by appropriate paperwork
Scrap Metal Steel, aluminum wire, cast and extrusions, brass, copper, lead, radiators and stainless steel

For more information about Construction & Demolition materials accepted by ARR contact Warren Ainscough, Sales Manager, on 08 8244 8156 or via email