Adelaide Resource Recovery

Contaminated Soil Removal

Contaminated soils can be disposed of at ARR if accompanied by appropriate paperwork.

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Plant Hire

At ARR, we offer an extensive range of earthworks, demolition and crusher machinery available for hire.

Adelaide Resource Recovery could not operate its award winning Wingfield operation without the right equipment for the job. An extensive array of equipment has been garnered and is available for hire.

  • Bulk Earthworks (link)
  • Demolition equipment (link)
  • Crusher equipment and services (link)

Bulk earthworks


From small mini-excavators through to massive mine-spec bulk handling excavators.

Dump trucks

Articulated dump trucks available in various sizes and capacities.


Loaders available in various sizes.


Graders available including GPS and laser guided options.

Demolition Equipment

Excavators with grabs, metal shears and cutter crushers are available as well as specialised long-reach excavators for use in elevated work such as silo demolition.

Crusher Equipment and Services

Crushers available include concrete as well as virgin rock crushers suitable for crushing operations.